About Rolland

Rolland Gregg was born November 3rd, 1981 in Juneau, Alaska to his Scottish father Mark Gregg and Tlingit mother Rhonda Firestack. With both his mother and father’s families being heavily involved in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska he grew up working hard in his family’s businesses of commercial salmon and king-crab fishing until he eventually graduated at the top of his Stanwood high school class in the year 2000.

After studying a few years at University of Washington Rolland decided to skip finishing his degree and go directly into corporate America where he quickly was promoted and worked his way up to building a team and managing $20 million dollars of online ad spend for GM’s then 8 automotive brands.

Realizing financial and business success in his mid twenties Rolland started searching for ways to contribute back to his community to help do his part in making the world a better place. After investigating what was within his power to positively effect changes locally and globally he realized that sustainable living was where he wanted to focus. He became so passionate about becoming part of the solution to developing a truly sustainable and healthy world that he actually quit his job and took a year off to live in Mexico for a year to study the 9 main systems (government, education, military, commerce, banking, religion, transportation, health and food production) that support humans on planet earth of which all needed to evolve to be less centrally controlled and to also cause less pollution and fighting over resources.

Rolland then came back to Seattle and in 2010 formed Global Emergent Technologies with the mission to, “Empower communities with affordable and sustainable Energy, Water, Food, Health, Waste, Shelter and Transportation solutions.” Since then Rolland has been part of the funding and development of various new clean energy technologies as he continues to support his aforementioned primary mission.

Heartmath Biofeedback Practitioner

Rolland Gregg has been a licensed HeartMath.org biofeedback practitioner for 8 years helping 100’s of people to transform their lives by understanding that our thoughts, feelings and emotions affect our physiology either positively or negatively, whether we are conscious of it or not, teaching people to effectively manage what thoughts we allow to dictate our life. Through the use of innovative, practical, fun and scientifically validated bio-feedback technology I can help guide you to become your own emotional master, operating at peak cognitive, emotional and physical performance every day.

Global Emergent Technologies

In alignment with his native Tlingit values of sustainability and environmental reverence, Rolland Gregg co-founded Global Emergent Technologies LLC to ‘Empower communities with affordable and sustainable Energy, Food, Water, Health, Shelter, Waste & Transportation solutions’. In this role he merges his technical abilities with his research and communication skills to create partnerships that further “Green” technology and initiatives.

Yakutat Tlingit Tribe

Rolland is also a member of the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe which is a small Native Alaskan tribe that has called Yakutat, Alaska home for 1000’s of years. Rolland is also a member of the Yakutat Kwann which manages the tribes 20,000 + acres of land around the Yakutat, AK area. Rolland is also a member of Sealaska.com which is a regional native corporation in Alaska that manages the regional tribes natural resources.